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On photography

Photography has been a long time hobby for me as I have started on film with a Zenit TTL camera, but with the progress of digital photography I jumped ship late 2007. For me it’s a way to see the world a bit differently and freeze different aspects of life in time. Photographs shared here are a small selection of my work that I think might be worthy of an audience.

You are free to use them as per the licensing terms outlined here on the site. If you want to use them for some purpose not covered by the license, or get the full resolution version, or just give me some feedback please feel free to contact me.



Although I do my best to avoid editing my pictures sometimes I still have to correct a few minor issues, especially if I have no means of redoing the photo. On the other hand there are some images, like HDR or panorama shots, where one cannot go without the help of software these days.