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Remind Hungarian Name Day File

If you are still using the good old remind for your calendaring needs (maybe even with wyrd) and happen to need to display Hungarian name days, just get hu_namedays and save it to ~/.remind/hu_namedays. In your ~/.reminders add the following line (replace youruser):

INCLUDE /home/youruser/.remind/hu_namedays

The file also works correctly on leap years.

Sinustrom Gentoo Overlay

Hear ye, hear ye! For all those out there, using Gentoo Linux, let it be known that a new overlay is available for your compiling pleasure. The ‘Sinustrom’ overlay will kindly provide you with fixed as well as experimental and exotic new ebuilds. For more details please follow here.

Midnight Commander Dark Color Scheme

Color scheme file

Using Midnight Commander regularly I found that a darker color scheme is easier on the eyes. I started from the darkfar.ini and made it, well, more dark.

Copy darkened.ini to ~/.local/share/mc/skins. Then edit in ~/.config/mc/ini the [Midnight-Commander] section and set:


Enjoy the haxorz looks! ^_^


KDE konsole

Gnome terminal