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Nokia 6303 Half-Life backgrounds

Author: Zoltan Puskas
Categories: mobile graphics

Being a Half-Life, and most recently a Portal fan, I decided to create some game themed “corporate” mobile wallpapers for my new Nokia 6303 cell phone (and also to celebrate my first phone to have a display with colors!).

I aimed for streamlined, well visible, but at the same time unobtrusive images that will work well with the Symbian UI.

Aperture logo Nokia 6303 background Black Mesa logo Nokia 6303 background

Just save one of these images onto your phone and then in Menu->Settings->Display set it as your wallpaper. Enjoy! :)

Update: Here is a photo of my phone still rocking the background half a decade later (the lock screen desaturates the colors a bit).

Aperture logo on my trusty phone